Sniki Tiki Souvenir Tee

7-1-15_Slip Down to the Sniki Tiki for a Cool Drink and  Hot Souvenir Tee

Captain Curt’s Crab and Oyster Bar is a local gem, family owned and operated on Siesta Key since 1979. While they’re best known for their tasty seafood, their retail expansion and souvenir sales have us just as impressed.

What began as a tiny corner of their restaurant with half a dozen tees and some coozies soon blossomed into a full size retail souvenir shop and “Sniki Tiki Bar” across the way. One of our long-time, artistically talented employees (Greg) has been designing quirky and creative t-shirt designs and merchandise for the owners since 1997… over 100 different designs in almost 20 years! What more can they possibly do with that toothy little crab??? Trust us, there’s always more…