Tote Bags

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Tote bags are a great giveaway substitute for t-shirts when you’re looking for a universal gift item. It takes the headache out of guessing someone’s size (or asking their size when the gift is a surprise). It also eases the pain of guessing the sizes for a large group of people at a special event.

Bags are considered universal because they are used by both men and women, in many different places, and for many different purposes…

Goodie bags for special events
Business trade shows or job fairs
Non-profit organization welcome bags
Beach bags and cruise bags
Book bags for school and the library
Toting children’s toys to the car/house
Shopping bags for the grocery
Gym bag or a change of clothes
Other everyday errands

The best way to find the right bag for your budget is to contact us directly for a quote. In the meantime, you can browse our basic line of tote bags here.

Keep in mind that if you’re ordering in bulk for a large group, we have plenty of options that are budget-friendly for your promotional budget.